Daniela Medina Ortega, the Carnival Queen, is a practising doctor in Barcelona

 Carnival's new ambassadress knows what it is to pursue your dreams with determination, hard work and love for her profession, medicine, and her passion, Carnival


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Sunday 13 March 2022. A Graduate in Medicine from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Daniela comes from a family which from the very cradle passed on to her its passion for Carnival and for the rigour of studies. So, as the "Earth" Carnival's leading lady has told us, it wasn't unusual to see her at the age of four as the flag bearer for the group that, along with Ramón Sánchez, her parents founded: the Río Bamba Comparsa.

She wasn't able to dance in the Comparsa, because taking her studies so seriously and with such responsibility was incompatible with rehearsing with the groups, but she did take part in anything that didn't interrupt her studies, such as the fancy dress contests. So, Carnival after Carnival, staying awake right to the end of the Gala which on Friday took her to the Olympus of Queens, she followed the coronation of her sister Silvana as Queen closely, the year that she too was awarded the sash of honour of Junior Queen, 2007. Fifteen years later, it's Daniela who carries the surnames Medina Ortega once again to the Carnival throne, with a costume which already says a lot about the winner: Embracing a dream is the work of Juan Carlos Armas Febles, who has included, among others, Daniela's parents in his team; the couple has extensive experience in Carnival and in the design and making of Carnival costumes. Daniela's mother has been behind many of the renowned Chiara Girls' wardrobes.

Curiously, this dream is a shared dream because it was Juan Carlos Armas himself who brought Silvana to the throne, and fifteen years later he has managed it again with her little sister.

As Daniela has confessed, the dream starts now, on the day when her reign starts, a reign which she takes as a very close link with her native land, the Canary Islands, and her city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. For her, feeling herself to be a part of Carnival and of her island are one and the same thing, quite inseparable. This is why, from the very moment when she heard that the contender sponsored by El Gusto por el Vino and Dormitorum was the new monarch, she grasped the sceptre and the crown with pride and responsibility, in the knowledge that the thing which she so loved to do, spread the love for Carnival among all those around her in the city of Barcelona where she is now settled, practising as a doctor specialising in cosmetic medicine, was now a commitment, since "Carnival is a lifelong experience."

And the Carnival organisers cannot be more satisfied to have an ambassadress who, as part of her personality and of her principles, assumes the sense of duty and of seriousness. Not only because she has been constant in reaching her goals and achieving the marks which opened the gates of the Faculty of Medicine to her, and afterwards to her Master's Degree in Cosmetic Medicine and Capillary Surgery, but also because when there was call for it, right in the middle of the outbreak of covid-19, she became fully involved and made herself available to the most vulnerable groups of society in a city which was hit hard by the pandemic, working with the elderly in Barcelona.