Carnival Queen Gala

One of the most popular images of the Carnival is the one offered in each edition by the costumes of the Carnival Queen candidates during the gala where they are selected. Behind their design, funded by the various sponsors who take part in the contest every year, there is the specific work carried out by an outstanding collective group of creative artists who have made this celebration the centre of their activity. The quality of the fabrics used, the size of the designs, their bright colours and the originality of the dresses make this one of the showiest nights of the festivities.

The gala where the Queen is chosen is a great show, performed in front of over 4,000 people, and it is broadcast live on both national and international television. The candidates come out on stage in the order established by an earlier draw. The event’s presenters, distinguished performers from the national scene, and the musical participation of big names, are the event’s great attractions, along with the exquisite preceding overture.