The 2012 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival took its inspiration from comics. In the end, the option favoured by the audience was this theme, based on superheroes or characters from comic books and comic strips, figures which occupy the dreams and memories of many of us.


Miguel Ángel Sosa

The winning poster, a quarter of a female face with a brilliant vermillion mask and an eye, which, framed in the classic speech balloon of comic books and comic strips, calls to mind the drawings of New York artist Roy Lichtenstein, was the image of the Comic Carnival. The work of architect and designer Miguel Ángel Sosa was entitled "¡Tu mirada lo dice todo!" (Your Gaze Says it All).


Alberto Trujillo

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Hall presented a stage on which the Carnival acted out thirty-one scenes within four gigantic pages of a comic. The stage, designed by Alberto Trujillo, had references to four variations of the world of comics: Manga, American, Spanish and Central European.


The Comic Carnival had, for the first time in the Carnival's history, a virtual opening proclamation, performed by the members of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Municipal Music Band.

Carnival Queen

Laura Medina

The Centro Comercial Alcampo Telde added a new trophy to its collection, when its contender, Laura Medina, with the costume “Acompáñame… una noche más” (Join Me... One more Night), the work of Fernando Méndez, was chosen Comic Carnival Queen.

Drag Queen

DRAG KUKI, Antonio Ceballos

Drag Kuki, with his costume “Diamante rosa” (Pink Diamond), sponsored by Centro Bell, was the winner of the edition.

Grand Dame

Carmen Suárez Carrillo

"Lágrimas de cuarzo" (Quartz tears) was the title of the costume that led Carmen Suárez Carrillo to the prize of Grand Dame of the Comic Carnival. Rafael Déniz was behind this design, sponsored by the Comisión de fiestas del Pilar, Guanarteme.

Junior Queen

Ainara del Pino Rueda

The jury's decision in 2012 went with the design modelled by Ainara del Pino Rueda. The young girl wore the costume “40 años de viñetas” (40 Years of Comic Strips), by Manuel Encinoso and Begoña Pérez, and represented the company Amanda Bus.


Los Serenquenquenes

The group Los Serenquenquenes was the best Murga of the Comic Carnival. This was decided by the jury which gave the group from Agüimes the First Prize for Performance and the Tomás Pérez Prize for the Best Lyrics for the song “Las Clandestinas" (The Outlaw Girls). The prize for the best costumes was for Las despistadas.



Aragüimé took, for yet another year, the Prize for Performance and for Costume. The thirty-five components of this group, from the town of Agüimes, wore the costume entitled “Alegría” (Joy) by the designer and choreographer Tony Espino.

Junior Comparsa


Kisamba (Guanarteme), which began its performance with a direct allusion to comics, won the Prize for Best Performance. The Metrópolis Junior Comparsa took the prize for best costumes.

Body Painting Contest

Eduardo Jerez Olivera

Eduardo Jérez Olivera's creation “Pop!!”, carried out on José Carlos Campos's body, was awarded the highest accolade in the Comic Carnival body painting contest.

Costume Contest

Juan Lola Suárez and Las Mamachicho

The jury's verdict decided that the winner in the individual category should be Juan Lola Suárez for his costume “Mala, sorda y despistada, pero glamorosa, así llega Cruela al Carnaval del Cómic” (Bad, Deaf and Distracted, but Glamourous, that's how Cruela Arrives at The Comic Carnival), sponsored by Amanda Bus and designed by Juan himself.

In the groups category the first prize was taken by the 46 components of Las Mamachichos for their costume “Pá mangas, las de Mogán” (If It's Sleeves you Want, Go to Mogán), a design created by Pedro García.

Dogs' Carnival


The chihuahua Bambi was the winner of this edition. The costume “Abracadabra… ñooo!!! ¡¡¡Cacho conejo!!!” (Abracadabra... wow!!! Look at that Rabbit!!!) was designed by its owner Angela O´Connor Olney, who also paraded alongside her pet.