Junior Carnival and Junior Gala

The Junior Carnival has numerous events in a programme which brings them the selection of their regent, a parade, and fancy dress competitions, as well as the participation of the junior Comparsas and Murgas in encounters and other entries on the Carnival calendar. The schedule for these groups also takes them to perform in different corners of the city, as is the case with the older competitors too. 

The Junior Carnival also has one of its most important dates with its own Gala, where the choice is made of the boy or girl who will sit on the throne. And the fact is that in recent editions we may well be talking about a prince, with the incorporation of boys to join the girls who parade as candidates in this event. Top level designers compete, coming up with costumes which the contenders show off on the Santa Catalina stage, in an afternoon which draws a large audience, keen also to see the guest performers, always an attraction for the youngest audience.

There are numerous junior events all through the programme. As well as the events already mentioned, we must also add the encounter for junior groups, the fancy dress festival, and the family dates to which they are welcome.

The Junior Carnival is particularly relevant for the consolidation of the Carnival’s young blood: In addition, scheduling the Junior Carnival is strategic for a city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which has held the Family Tourism Seal, granted to it by the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN), since 2017.