The 2014 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival was based on the theme of the World of Fantasy, a proposal which transported the city to a universe inhabited by gnomes, fairies, nymphs and other fantastic beings. Literature, cinema, television series, comic strips, video games, role games, painting, sculpture and mythology, amongst other things, were an inspiration to recreate a fantastic and subversive world, a universe which alters the laws and rules of reality.


Rocío García Rodríguez

The proposal presented by Rocía García granted all the limelight to the queen par excellence in the World of Fantasy, the fairy, with a modern vision of the character which includes a beehive style hairstyle and two tattoos: one like a bracelet with the word "pío" (pious) visible and a heart on her chest.


Alberto Trujillo

A castle with five towers housed the 2014 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival contests and galas, and was the location for the recreation of the tales and stories from the allegory proposed by the festivities: The World of Fantasy.


Charina Vega

Charyna Vega, an anonymous person until she was chosen as the opening proclaimer for the festivities in 2014, was selected by popular vote. Vega, a young woman of Murga sentiment and tradition, was to have made her opening proclamation in Santa Ana Square; this idea had to be rethought due to the weather. In the end the woman with Murgas in her heart was master of ceremonies of the World of Fantasy Carnival one day later, on 16 February, in Santa Catalina Park, before an audience of thousands.

Carnival Queen

Cindy Klein - The Sky's The Limit!

The design “¡El cielo es el límite!” (The Sky's The Limit!), by Fernando Méndez set Cindy Klein on the throne of the Queen of the World of Fantasy Carnival in representation of the Centro Comercial Alcampo.

Drag Queen


Drag Queen Grimassira Maeva, the contender who went out on stage with a choreography and design presented under the title “Que se agarre Thais Henríquez y Gemma Mengual, que llega Grimassira con la sincro al Carnaval” (Hold Tight, Thais Henríquez and Gemma Mengual, Here Comes Grimassira with Synchronised Swimming for the Carnival), in representation of Decoración Da Vinci, Moradillo Cano 16, Good Look Gym and Fit Pilates, managed to take the Drag Queen 2014 Sash, the Drag Queen of the World of Fantasy.

Grand Dame

María Esther Travieso

María Esther Travieso was the Grand Dame of the World of Fantasy Carnival (2014). Sponsored by Taller de Confección Rosa Mercado Barrera, María Esther Travieso wore a costume called "Al-Andalus", the work of designer Willie Díaz, who also won the prize in 2013.

Junior Queen

Yaneisy Bernet

Yaneisy Bernet, with the costume “¿Quién osa tocar en las puertas de tu palacito?” (Who Dares to Knock on The Gates of Your Little Palace?) was proclaimed Junior Queen of the 2014 Carnival.

The Centro Comercial El Muelle sponsored this creation designed by Willie Díaz, taking inspiration from the character of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, by the British writer Lewis Carroll.


Los Serenquenes

Los Serenquenquenes took the First Prize for Performance for the World of Fantasy Carnival. The group, already in the category of Afilármonia, from the town of Agüimes, came together in 1982, revalidated a title it has already won another twelve times.



The 26 members of the Comparsa Aragüimé won a new trophy to put in their display cabinet. The group from Agüimes won the 2014 First Prize in the categories of Performance and Costume for the World of Fantasy Carnival Comparsas Contest. With this triumph the Lagarteros (nickname for those from a variety of towns, such as Agüimes), have now won this recognition for performance on eight occasions, and that of costume, in five editions.

Junior Comparsa


The Junior Comparsa Cubatao took the First Prize for Performance and Kisamba won the award for Costume in the 2014 World of Fantasy Carnival Junior Comparsas Contest.

Body Painting Contest

Miguel Peña and Marta Piñango

Designers Miguel Peña and Marta Piñango took the First Prize in the 2014 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Body Painting Contest, with the creation “Pesadillas en Wonderland” (Nightmares in Wonderland) represented by the model Guiayara Santana and prepared with a technique using brush and sponge, in which pigments, glitter and feathers were the outstanding features, in representation of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Costume Contest

Iván Artiles García and Chiara’s Girls

In 2014, Iván Artiles García and Chiara’s Girls took first prize in their respective categories: individual and groups. Iván Artiles García came out on stage with the design “Luces blanco y azul, y si gano esta noche me voy 15 diítas al sur” (You're Blue and White, and if I Win Tonight I'm Heading South for a Fortnight off), made by Iván himself in representation of Víctor Copas. The 13 members of the group Chiara’s Girls competed with “El hechizo de los trolls” (The Trolls' Spell) under the sponsorship of Peluquería Aire Joven.

Dogs' Carnival


In 2014, Ashé, a podenco, which modelled the costume “Pegaso ¡El espíritu galopante de la mitología” (Pegasus, The Galloping Spirit of Mythology) took the first Prize for the fifth edition of the Dogs' Carnival.

The event's sponsor, Affinity Advance, gave 14 kilos of dog food to the First Prize, 7.5 kilos to the owner of Odiu, the second prize winner, and three kilos to the representative of Golfo, the third prize winner.