Murga Competitions and Encounters

The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Murga competition is one of the festivities’ historic contests, with the first edition dating from 1977. 

The Murgas, groups which home in with their songs to launch criticism of the various social and political events which have taken place over the year, give the fiestas a note of irony and satire about current affairs. As well as this, the groups are very active participants in the celebrations, present at all the most outstanding events. The competition is the experience they’ve been getting ready for with rehearsals the whole year long.

The entire encounter takes place in the Santa Catalina Park in front of packed audiences, and in the modern phase of the Carnival, it covers three nights of initial phases and one grand finale for the Murga groups with the highest scores.

Normally, over twenty groups take part, and in the 21st century, female Murga groups have had an increasingly starring role in the performances.

The contest has three prizes for performance, three for costume, one prize for the best lyrics and one prize from the critics. And there is a significant extra incentive: the winning female Murga group takes part in the Carnival Queen Gala. 

As for the junior groups, their presence in the Carnival has to do with the occasion when they gather together, not the competition. The little Murga performers, keen also to tread the boards of the temple of the fiesta, enjoy a morning session designed especially for them.

Apart from the grand finale, for which tickets are needed to guarantee one of the sought-after seats, access to the whole competition is free.