The 2015 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival drank from the fountain of the literary work 1001 Nights.

The poster, the costumes and the staging took inspiration from tales such as Ali Baba and the 40 thieves, Simbad the Sailor, Aladdin and his Magic Lamp, and many other of the tales with which Scheherazade delighted the Sultan for 1001 nights.


Jorge Leal

The 1001 Nights Carnival had a poster made up of multiple elements which evoked that year's allegory, among which one of the most noticeable was an inflatable mattress doubling as a flying carpet.


Alberto Trujillo

The 2015 LPGC Carnival stage recreated a great oriental palace, in symphony with the 1001 Nights allegory, to welcome the festivities' galas and contests. The design played with bright colours. Gold predominated, as a symbol of power, luxury and ostentation.


Tito Rosales, director of Los Chancletas

The director of the Afilarmónica Murga, Los Chancletas, Tito Rosales, was in charge of opening the carnival celebrations. The Rosales candidacy paid homage to a life dedicated to the world of Carnival. The director of Los Chancletas has spent 33 years linked to the Murga world, since he founded, along with his brothers, the Los Desperdicios Murga, in La Rehoyas. In 2015, Los Chancletas celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Carnival Queen

Aránzazu Estevez

Aranzazu Estévez, the candidate who went out on stage in representation of Centro Comercial Alcampo Telde, took the crown and sceptre of the festivities' reigning monarch. The three juries, made up of specialists, the press, and guests, along with the general public's vote, coincided in awarding the title of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Queen to the candidate modelling the design entitled “La princesa de las mil rosas” (The Princess of The 1000 Roses), from the winner of multiple prizes, Fernando Méndez.

Drag Queen

DRAG VALKIRIA, Nelson Rodríguez Moreno

With a design from Rafael Déniz and Rosa Montesdeoca, and a show entitles "El pacto de Mefistófeles” (Mephistopheles' Pact), sponsored by Guaguas Gumidafe, Nelson Rodríguez Moreno won the 1001 Nights Carnival Drag Queen sash. This was the fifth time that Valkiria took part as a Drag Artist in the festivities and the fourth time he went through to the final.

Grand Dame

Leonor Morera

María Leonor Morera Santana collected the title of 1001 Carnival Grand Dame. The design she wore on the stage of the Santa Catalina Park, "Madame Butterfly", sponsored by Centro Comercial El Muelle and the Asociación de empresarios Puerto – Canteras, was created by the designer Willie Díaz, who ratified this prize for the third year running.

Junior Carnival Queen

Alejandra García Sarmiento

Alejandra García Sarmiento, the young girl who took part with the costume “Pío, pío, pío, mi Carnaval es mejor que el de Río” (Cheep Cheep, My Carnival is Better than The Rio Carnival), was chosen Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Junior Queen. The company Nettronica, Servicios Informáticos and Monta2 Café have sponsored this imaginative creation from the designer Zoilo Alejandro García Hernández.


Los nietos de SaryMánchez

Los nietos de SaryMánchez won the First Prize for Performance for the 2015 Carnival Murgas Contest, along with the Tomás Pérez Prize for Best Lyrics for the song “Resacón en la Vega de San Mateo” (Hangover in Vega de San Mateo).

The Murga from the town of Telde, established in 2012 and comprising 73 components, took the title which allowed it to take part in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Gala Queen Carnival.



Aragüimé ratified the prizes for performance and costume for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Comparsas Contest.

The Lagarteros (from the town of Agüimé) challenged their rivals with a show entitled "A ritmo de Carnival" (To The Beat of Carnival) with which they managed to add to their titles their 9th First Prize for Performance, a prize they had already taken home in 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014; along with the 6th consecutive first prize for costume, thanks to the design “Amanecer en Arabia” (Dawn in Arabia).

Junior Comparsa


Kisamba won the First Prize for Performance and Costume in the Junior Comparsas Contest.

Body Painting Contest

Víctor Cabrera Pérez

Víctor Cabrera Pérez, the make-up artist, won the first prize in the 2015 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Body Painting Contest with the creation “La mala educación” (Bad Manners) represented by the model Idaira Bujeda Molina.

Costume Contest

Enrique Martín Álamo Herrera and Las Mamachicho

Enrique Martín Álamo Herrera and Las Mamachicho won first prize in the individual and group categories, respectively. The first went out to model with the design “Paseos carnavaleros en las noches de Gran Canaria” (Carnival Strolls on Gran Canaria Nights) produced by Luisa Rubido in representation of Nuevo Río. The 50 components of the group Las Mamachicho competed, for their part, with “Frota, frota, que una mamachicho te toca” (Rub, Rub, You've Won a Mamachicho), the work of Elena Ucha and Las Mamachicho.

Dogs' Carnival

Om, The Divine Brahman

Ashé, a podenco which also won the first prize in 2014, won the top prize again for the 1001 Nights Dogs' Carnival. Its costume “Om, el divino Brahman” (Om, The Divine Brahman), won the jury's favour.

Affinity Advance, the event's sponsor, gave 14 kilos of dog food to the winner, 7.5 kilos to the second prize, 3 kilos to the third prize, and a free sample to each dog that took part.

12 participants and 15 pets were the first to tread the stage of the 1001 Nights Carnival with a unique parade which rewarded the ingenuity, the creativity and the affection of the contenders.