Daytime Carnival

Although the historic Vegueta quarter was its cradle, Santa Catalina is the centre of these morning celebrations which, last summer (in an edition not typical of the Carnival celebrations, with the reactivation of the events postponed from the winter due to the COVID restrictions), expanded to locations such as Las Canteras Beach, the shopping area of Avenida Mesa y López, or the old Estadio Insular Park.

Since the 2016 edition, the “Daytime Carnival” has had a notable date on the calendar, “Carnival Tuesday” (Mardi Gras) with an open-air party. To this date, given the amazing popularity and citizen demand, other dates have been added to each programme.. 

Thousands of Mascaritas (masked revellers) head to various stages in Santa Catalina Park for the concerts on the programme, with music to suit all tastes. The festivities have something to offer all types of members of the general public, preferences and timetables, as well as reaching an ever larger number of citizens and visitors. These are days when you can enjoy the most popular and spontaneous spirit of Carnival in a safe setting.