Carnival has returned to its temple. After a year marked by restrictions and cancellations due to the worldwide pandemic, Carnival moved forwards and, with all necessary safety measures in place, it resumed its place in the calendar: February and March. That is, only for the events which could be held with the established protocols. So Carnival had its galas and contests, and invited its fans to resumewith the party in summer when, if the situation was evolving positively, as was the case, the fans would take to the streets to recover the essence of Carnival.



Save the Planet! The 2022 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival was dedicated to Planet Earth. This dedication was proclaimed by the authorities, after the announcement of the result of the votes cast by viewers by SMS during the course of the television special which, with the title "Imagine 2022", sketched out different allegorical options.

The world of Carnival bore the responsibility of sending out a message of help to the world, a message which it proclaimed in the winter festivities and in the later celebrations which took to the streets again in the summer: to look after natural beauty, the Earth's resources, life and the future is something well worth doing.



The professional stamp of the Spanish east coast graphic designer Vicent Ramón is now firmly linked to the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival as the author of this celebration dedicated to Planet Earth.

A feminine silhouette, the personification of the planet as part of the Universe, has been the muse and source of inspiration of the image which brought life back to Carnival after the year under wraps. Her sceptre, her feathers, her sardine and the other features accompanying her gained the favour of the jury of this contest launched via the professional tender set up by the City Hall, via the Asociación de Diseñadores de Canarias (Canarian Association of Designers, di-Ca).


“Take Care of the Earth, It’s the Only Planet with a Carnival”: this was the slogan with which the stage dedicated to the earthly globe was created and presented. The stage design which hosted the galas and contests in the carnival season was once again the work of Sergio Macías, a professional who fulfilled the objective with great success.

With 400 metres of LED screen, the stage has established itself as the most technological in the history of the Carnival. Technology and innovation have been placed at the service of a real homage to the earth, its nature, civilisations and cultures.

The technological project presented by this interior designer from Gran Canaria was selected by the assessment committee from the three entries submitted in the professional competition called by the Carnival department of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria City Council in August last year.


Close to celebrating twenty years of concert giving, La Trova was the group given the job of firing the starting pistol for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival on 25 February last.

From opening ceremonies to performances at galas or heading the bill of Carnival Tuesday's programme of festivities, there isn't a carnival event that the Gran Canarian group hasn't taken part in. And the thing is that their capacity to provide a contagious mood, always cheerful and with a zest for life, is very much welcomed by carnival lovers.

Carnival Queen

Daniela Medina Ortega

Daniela Medina Ortega joined the hall of fame of Carnival Queens in 2022. This young Gran Canarian woman, who took her degree in Medicine at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, comes from a family that from the cradle passed its passion for Carnival and for discipline in studies on to her.

Daniela was a close spectator of the coronation of her sister Silvana as Queen, the same year that she herself won Junior Carnival Queen Maid of Honour Sash, in 2007. Fifteen years later, it is Daniela who has brought the surnames Medina Ortega back to the Carnival throne, with a costume that already says a lot about the winner: "Abrazando un sueño" (Embracing a dream), the work of Juan Carlos Armas Febles, representing El Gusto por el Vino and Dormitorum.

Drag Queen


The "Earth" Carnival crowned Vulcano as Drag Queen of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Isidro Javier Pérez Mateo has climbed up to the highest point on his platforms with the show "¡Por fin cariño!" (At last, darling!), with costume design by himself and Daniel Rivero Suárez. A number in representation of the Real Ciudad de Gáldar Town Hall, which has made his dream come true. He managed this ten years after competing for the first time as Drag Vulcano in the most mischievous gala of all the Carnival celebrations which, as he himself has said, he has been following since it was first held in 1998. He was only a child at that time, but even then he knew perfectly well that one day he would tread the stage of Santa Catalina on his platforms.

Grand Dame

Inés Gómez Quevedo

Just a few days after the inauguration of the "Earth" Carnival, the revellers found out who would be the first of the rulers to come to the throne: Inés Gómez Quevedo, the representative of Dihova Distribuciones Hoteleras who, with her costume entitled "Siempre" (Always), designed by Grisela Guardia Gómez, took the royal title of Grand Dame.

Junior Carnival Queen

Dalia Martín Almeida

Clang, clang! Clang, clang! The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria "Earth" Carnival named Dalia Martín Almeida Junior Carnival Queen. With her costume called "Muchacha, no me digas ni muuu" (Girl, not a squeak out of you), designed by Kevin Rodríguez and Enrique González in representation of Holiday World Center with the collaboration of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria (the island’s Council), managed to take the small crown of the capital city's carnival celebrations. The "little queen" of the Carnival came out onto the Santa Catalina Park in the company of three "very carnivalesque and fun-loving cows". This entertaining idea, made with moving parts among which there were a windmill and a milkmaid, combined with the charming way the 9-year-old girl presented her costume.

Winning Murga

Los Gambusinos

Los Gambusinos, a Murga group from Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) participating for the first time in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, took the First Prize for Performance at the contest. Their song for the final "Con un queso y un membrillo asalto el Parlamento canario mejor que en Estados Unidos con el Flequillo" (With a cheese and a quince I'll storm the Canarian Parliament rather than in the United States with the Fringe) convinced the audience and the jury of the group's good work during the various rounds.

The 58 members directed by Ayoze Sarabia have become the first Murga group from the neighbouring island to win the contest where they also took the Benito Falcón Prize, meaning they take home the Bronze Melindroso Prize which has been awarded for the first time this year.

The Second Prize for Performance went to Los Chismosos, along with the Criticón Prize from the press. As for the Third Prize this year, it went to the mythical group Los Chancletas and the Prize for Best Costume was for the Despistadas, who took first place on the podium with the costume "Honor, lealtad y lucha" (Honour, loyalty and struggle).

Winning Comparsa


The First First Prize for Performance and Third Prize for Costume went to Lomo Apolinario. The members of Baracoa once again occupied a notable place among the winning Comparsas after having done so in 2016.

As well as this, Kisamba, the Comparsa group based at the Manuel Lois, took First Prize for Costume once again, a recognition that leaves it invincible in the category since it won it in 2016, on its debut in the adult world of Comparsas.

The remaining prizes were shared between Cubatao, the Second Prize Winner in each category, and Lianceiros who joined the finalists with a Third Prize for Performance.


Body Painting

Memento Mori - Josep López Martí

The International Body Painting Contest put "Memento Mori" up on the podium; this was a work by Josep López Martí presented on stage by Rafael Felipe Porras. "Recuerda que morirás" (Remember that you will die) is the translation of a title that moved between light and shadows. In addition, the work turned its stars into winners of a sponsorship to take part in the Austrian International Body Painting Contest, a commitment from the organisation.

Costume Contests

Yshia Taisma

The "Earth Carnival" awarded a prize to Yshia Taisma's homage to the Canary Islands. Her costume "¡Aléjate prima!" (Back off cousin!) brought her this prize in the individual category.

Further to this, the 16 members of Uniks took the title for groups once again, thanks to their costume "Tienes una nueva oportunidad, el mundo es tu tierra" (You've got another chance, the world is your land) created by the group members themselves, with a special mention for Rosmari Luengo.

Dog Carnival


With "Apocalipsis" (Apocalypse), Channel ratified its title of court pet for the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival. The five-year-old giant dachshund won the dog contest at the carnival once again, with its costume "Apocalypse", designed by Felicia Svensson. Owner and dog conquered the jury for a second time.

Channel is a real veteran in the contest, and has paraded on numerous occasions, and its owner, Felicia Svensson, has clocked up different prizes relating to the Dog Carnival.