"Peace and Love" was the motto for the work of Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez, this professional of graphic design who has been linked to the world of communications since 1987. From Murcia he has presented different proposals to the Canarian festivities, and he already lists the First Prize for Poster at the 2015 Maspalomas Carnival and the poster for the 2016 Arrecife Carnival in his curriculum.

His work shows a large crown which wraps around the main figures and which humorously and colourfully brings together all the allegory's references: flowers, sea, portrayals of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, the rest of the members of the Beatles, the megafamous yellow submarine, Andy Warhol and his tin of Campbell's soup, among others, all of this made in plasticine by the artist himself.


The first Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival stage to be chosen on the basis of a public ideas competition.

The stage drank from the fountain of the 1960s, icons of the decade and mottoes such as "Flower Power" or "Peace and Love", as well as the idea of the new man looking at the universe, meaning that a big planetarium occupied a position of prominence in the staged space.


Rosana Arbelo (Lanzarote, 1963)

Rosana opened the Carnival dedicated to "La Eterna Primavera" (The Eternal Spring) on 10 February, with an opening proclamation followed by a concert in Santa Ana Square.

Rosana Arbelo (b. Lanzarote, 1963) gave an opening proclamation that was sincere, spontaneous and affectionate, characteristics which are inherent in this performer who connects with her audience in a very special way.

Carnival Queen

Esther Pérez

Esther Pérez was the Queen of the Eternal Spring. The Hotel Santa Catalina - Grupo Juan Padrón candidate was crowned monarch of the 2017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival with her costume called "Grandiosa", a design by Cristina Robledano and Pedro Quintero.

Drag Queen

DRAG SETHLAS, Borja Casillas

Drag Queen Sethlass' transition from Virgin Mary to Jesus Christ allowed him to take the prize for the 2017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Drag Queen. Borja Casillas went onto the Santa Catalina stage in ninth place in representation of Multiópticas, with the design created by Nelson Rodríguez and the show "¡Mi cielo! Yo no hago milagros, que sea lo que Dios quiera” (My heaven! I Don't Do Miracles, Whatever God Wills).

Grand Dame

Mary Hernández Rodríguez

Mary Hernández Rodríguez, presented by Disoft Informática and Servicio Técnico Gil, was named Grand Dame of the Eternal Spring Carnival on the night of Sunday 12 February.

The candidate modelled the design “¿Qué misterio habrá?” (What mystery will there be?), the work of Juan Francisco Sánchez Padrón and Melody Sánchez Guarda, with the collaboration of the Asociación Santa Rita de Casia from Marzagán.

Junior Queen

Paula de Castro Fernández de la Puebla

Paula de Castro Fernández de la Puebla, with a design by José Julio Armas Santana and the costume “Estrella del Caribe” (Star of The Caribbean), presented by José Halcón Carrozas del Carnaval and Comparsa Lianceiros, was crowned Junior Queen of the Eternal Spring Carnival.


Los Nietos de Sary Mánchez

Los Nietos de Sary Mánchez took the First Prize for Performance in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Murga Contest, and the Criticón Prize, for the song "El ministro de la vergüenza" (The Minister of Shame), prizes which confirm the evolution of this group originating from Telde, which has been climbing higher and higher since its first participation in the capital's Carnival.

It made its début in the 2013 Carnival, surprising the fans, judges and revellers with a brilliant performance which took them up on the podium with a third prize for performance. One year later, the group took the third prize for costume, and in 2015 it took the top prize every Murga performer is after: the First Prize for Performance.

Los Serenquenquenes took the Second Prize for Performance, the prize for the best director: Javier Santana, and the Tomás Pérez Prize for the song "Los envidiosos" (The Covetous), which are very special achievements, after a year without reaching the final in 2016. Los Twitty's took the Third Prize for Performance.

The prize for the best percussion was for Los Legañosos, and the costume prizes were distributed in this way: First Prize for Costume for Las Crazy Trotas, a group which has won the first prize for this category without interruption since 2010; Second for Las Despistadas, and Third Prize for Las Kikirinietas.



The Comparsa from the Gran Canaria neighbourhood of Arenales, Kisamba, was the big winner, taking the First Prize for Costume, designed by Juan Fernando Henríquez, and the First First Prize for Performance, with choreography by Laura Torres and the costume "Deja que el sol brille" (Let The Sun Shine).

Junior Comparsa

Lianceiros Junior

In 2016 they just missed getting it and in 2017 they've managed it. The 35 boys and girls from Lianceiros Junior took home the First Prize for Performance from the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Junior Comparsa Contest. The group from the Jinámar neighbourhood presented the show "¡Baila para mí, que yo bailaré por ti!" (Dance for Me, and I'll Dance for You), a choreography created by Samuel Rodríguez. In addition, her costume "Mirando al horizonte, estrellita del Caribe" (Looking at The Horizon, Little Star of The Caribbean), by José Julio Armas took the 2nd Prize for Costume.

The First Prize for Costume went to the Comparsa Estilo Junior, which took part with the design "Estilo Junior Returns Full of Peace and Love", made by Lucía Tavío and Rosario Quintana.

Body Painting Contest

Nauzet Afonso

The work of the make-up artist and designer Nauzet Afonso, shown off by the model Sergio Pérez Rodríguez, has won the First Prize in the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival Contest for Body Painting. Beautik and Kryolan Canarias have sponsored the costume "Pluscuamperfecto" (Past Perfect) the winner of the contest.

The creativity of Nauzet Afonso, a designer who has confided in these festivities in recent years, presenting work in the Carnival's different galas, takes a new prize back to his display cabinet in 2017, since his candidate for Carnival Queen, presented by La Provincia and McDonalds, took the title of Fourth Maid of Honour with the costume "Cien años para agradecerlo" (100 Years to Say Thank You for It).

Costume Contest

“Jaguar-Llú Spring” by Miguel Ángel Medina Pérez

The costume "Jaguar-Llú primavera" (Jaguar-Llú Spring) by Miguel Ángel Medina Pérez, was the best costume in the individual contest.

Presented by Estación Cepsa El Cubillo, the winner collected the prize thanks to a design he made himself, along with Carlos Hernández Gizón. Las Chiara Girls, were the winners of the contest in the group category with the costume "Entre flores y motos montan el alboroto" (They Cause a Ruckus among Flowers and Motorbikes).

Presented by Peluquería Aire Joven and Centro de Estética Mónica Rivero, they won the prize with a design by Dulce Ortega Hernández.

Dogs' Carnival

The Two Flowers from My Garden

They arrived as “Las dos flores de mi jardín” (The Two Flowers from My Garden) and they took the Eternal Spring prize. Manolito and Lupita the chihuahuas, dressed and led by Julieta Villareal, took the First Prize for the Dogs' Carnival, held on the first day of the Santa Catalina Daytime Carnival.