Carnival is for every age group

 Earth Carnival is, it's clear, a Carnival for everybody in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


The first weekend of Earth Carnival (the 2022 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival) has once more been witness to the eruption of festivities in the city. Although always under conditions determined by the current health situation, the programme has got off to a strong start, with the Santa Catalina Park and its huge stage as a safe epicentre for the celebration of the main galas and contests. Not for nothing have the citizens of Las Palmas been waiting for two years to be able to experience that festive spirit once more. Or at least, its major shows.

After the popular local group La Trova performed the opening proclamation announcing the start of the Carnival, on Friday 25 February, the schedule moved on to important entries in this edition dedicated to the conservation of Planet Earth. The first event, on Saturday 26 February, was the draw to decide on the order of participation in the galas. For the Grand Carnival Queen Gala and the Drag Queen Gala, of course. But also for the Grand Dame Gala, held on Sunday 27 February, and the Junior Gala.

So, on the same stage and in front of a live audience, there were parades of drag queens, contenders for the junior crown, veteran candidates for the Grand Dame prize and young women aspiring to the great Carnival Queen's crown. They shared the limelight. The picture reflects the true spirit of the festivities in the city: Earth Carnival is, it's clear, a Carnival for everybody in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The fancy dress contest which then took place on that same Saturday reflected what fans of Carnival the participants in the individual and group categories are: they love to dress up and to party, despite having less time this year to prepare for their appearance on stage.

On Sunday 27, the morning before the Grand Dame Gala, Santa Catalina Park hosted a junior encounter which confirmed that the Carnival has plenty of young blood: Murga groups with very young members and Comparsas of the same age displayed a passion for the event that has been running through their veins since the cradle. And that will continue to run throughout their lives, as the contenders for the Grand Dame crown showed that night.