The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival, a small industry

2021 meant the compulsory cancellation of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival. A break which not only robs thousands of citizens of their fun: it also leaves various professional groups without economic activity, groups which make up a unique economic fabric on these dates. Designers of outfits for candidates for the queens' crowns, seamstresses, costume shops, catering businesses serving the celebrations in the Santa Catalina Park and Vegueta... or all the work which is generated by the performers in murga and comparsa groups, whose numerous members call for significant work in preparation and in their wardrobe.

Also included are the companies and stores which sponsor the drag queens and the gala candidates, who also produce economic turnover. It must be taken into account that advertising is traditionally highly rated in festivities where the main acts are broadcast on television and internet at an international level, and which will monopolise attention of local audiences throughout a whole month.

Nonetheless, the organisation of the 'Imagina 2022' television special (Televisión Canaria, La 2 and RTVE's international channel) has rescued part of that further activity relating to the audiovisual world, driven every year by the competition nights in Santa Catalina Park. 20 companies and 400 workers set to work for that show, having been put in charge of an ambitious production, and at the end of the show Planet Earth was chosen as the main theme of the next Carnival in the Gran Canaria capital.

The special managed to make up in part for all of that specific carnival industry, in festivities which is much more than festivities in the city.