Images from the past to imagine the Carnival of the future

Showing their work is a great way to communicate how the city experiences Carnival. And how passionately. So, in 2021, the party will show up in Santa Catalina, a park that each year, in one way or another, emanates Carnival


The Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival is being put on mandatory probation this 2021. Yet another consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. No celebrating the fiesta in the streets this year. Though, the organisation aims to keep the spirit of Carnival alive with several initiatives. And one of them is exhibiting memories of past celebrations: an expos that reminds us that Carnival lives on in our hearts and that we will enjoy it soon again in the future.

If we had to pick one place to represent the heart of the Grancanarian capital’s Carnival, that would be without a doubt Santa Catalina Park. Every year it welcomes the stage where all the champions of the several galas come up victorious: the Carnival Queen, Drag Queen or murga and comparsa contests, among others. This year, with no party to host, Santa Catalina holds a photographic exhibition with images of fellow Canarians enjoying past editions.

The expo is a collection of photos signed by prominent Canarian photo-journalists: Angel Medina G., Arcadio Suárez, Gerardo Ojeda, José Carlos Guerra, Juan Carlos Alonso, Nacho G. Oramas, Quique Curbelo, Sabrina Ceballos, Tato Gonçalves and Tony Hernández. All of them have made countless contributions to the press, agencies and the organisation itself. And they are great connoisseurs of how the celebration has developed throughout the years.

Photos: Tony Hernández