The red carpet that gives us a taste of Carnival

64 contenders for crowns in the Once upon a time carnival celebrations parade before the audience to find out their order of participation in the galas.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 4 February, 2020.— The newly redeveloped Avenida Mesa y López in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was the scene on Saturday 1 February of an advance taste of Once upon a time at Carnival, which is what the city's 2020 massive fiesta is called. 64 contenders for crowns in the carnival celebrations paraded in front of 3,000 people at the presentation and the draw to find out the order in which they will take part in the different galas to be held in the Santa Catalina Park. This was an exciting taste of things to come in a Carnival which will have its official opening on 7 February, with the reading of the Opening Speech in Santa Ana Square (21.00 hrs).

Dressed up for the occasion, the 14 contenders for Carnival Queen were a fine sight on the red carpet: their gala will be held on 21 February; likewise the 11 contenders for the junior throne (which will be decided on 16 February) and ten contenders for Grand Dame (gala programmed for 9 February). As well as the 29 Drag Queens who will compete in the Shortlisting on 22 February. The audience cheered each one of the contenders, who paraded on their platforms to find out when they had been drawn: big and small, because in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the drag queens are real icons of a completely inclusive Carnival.

Contenders of both sexes were applauded with real excitement in this act which took place out in the street, a sign that the audience is all set for a celebration which is dedicated this year to the world of tales and fables. All this was in front of the 2019 Queens and the Drag Queen, who were not going to miss the occasion. Once upon a a Carnival full of princes and princesses seeking their crowns.

Take note, because the Carnival has already started, and the week which begins today, Monday, 3 February, will offer us, as well as the Opening Speech, the junior street band competition, a profusion of rhythm, glitter and colour to demonstrate that the grass roots of the Carnival is alive and well (Saturday 8, 19.00 hrs); the festival of junior costumes, a family show where thousands of children in fancy dress take over the enclosure and applaud the competitors (Sunday 9, 11.00 hrs) and the Grand Dame Gala, the act which brings the first ruler of the fiestas to her throne, the queen of the senior citizens (Sunday 9, 20.00 hrs). All the acts are accompanied by live music.