Celebrate Carnival in the daytime too in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The Vegueta and the Santa Catalina daytime fiestas are the main attraction at the weekend in the city, which will also be celebrating its Dog Carnival.

The second week of the A Night in Rio Carnival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria features two types of groups: murgas and comparsas. These groups will be competing throughout the week in Santa Catalina Park to win the prizes for best performance and best costumes; they make up no small part of the popular identity of these festivities.


The murgas, with their critical and acidic, yet humorous songs, define themselves as the very expression of the Carnival: the target of the subjects they touch on is more often than not the establishment. They take on the traditional Carnival job of criticising issues which cannot always be broached in the same way over the rest of the year, although nowadays that is not so much the case. The contest, with a huge level of participation, holds its heats over this week. The final will be on Saturday 23rd February; the tickets which go on sale always sell out. But entrance to the last of the heats, on Wednesday February 20th (20.30 hrs), is free.


The comparsas, in turn, vie with each other on Friday 22nd February, in a competition with a strong tradition; the groups throw all their passion into their participation. Admission to this final is free (21.00 hrs.).

Vegueta Daytime Celebration

Vegueta Daytime Celebration

Visitors, though, can begin to enjoy things already this weekend with the famous Vegueta Daytime Carnival (on Saturday 23rd February from 12.00 hrs), with music a-plenty and heaving with people in the historic quarter of the city: this is one of the festivities' biggest events, and it’s a must if you're in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on these dates. It’s the first of various daytime celebrations: others will take place in Triana and in Santa Catalina (see schedule).

Dog Carnival and Santa Catalina Park Fiesta

Dog Carnival

To give an example, the celebration that will take place in Santa Catalina Park on Sunday 24th February, from 3 pm onwards. Before that, and on the same stage in the park, there is a Dog Carnival at 12.00 hrs (free admission), an increasingly popular event: another of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival attractions for the visitor, which is also fun for all the family. You can't miss the day when dogs come out in fancy dress!

Parque Santa Catalina

Getting around

The city offers an extensive public transport network with the Guaguas Municipales bus company, which covers journeys between the two ends of the city, Vegueta and the Port (the area in which Santa Catalina is located), with routes that include 12, 17 and 1; visitors can pay the driver directly, at a fare of €1.40, or buy a bus pass (bono de guagua) at newsagents or at the Guaguas Municipales points of sale in the Santa Catalina Park and the Pérez Galdós Theatre area. You can also get around by bike, with the public bicycle hire service, Sitycleta. Or by taxi. In addition, visitors can take a tour on the City Sightseeing bus, with its main stop in Santa Catalina.

Where to eat

On the days of the Daytime Carnival, the choice of places to eat is wide, both in the historic quarter of the city and in the area around the Santa Catalina Park, or nearby, in Las Canteras. Inside the park there are also different food stalls and little eateries.  Visitors can find good quality food, featuring both international or local cuisines, and to suit all pockets; all of these places are frequented by locals too.