Drag Chuchi is 2019 Drag Queen of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The gala, which is followed with interest worldwide, is a symbol of the transparency and the transgression which are the identifying features of the city's Carnival.

The Miller Building is what remains to show for an old British agency (Miller & Company), which looked after its vessels at the beginning of the 20th century. Its elegant employees, with their period suits and spectacles, were probably used to dealing with the sailors who tied up at the ever more important neighbouring Port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. But they would probably have gone into shock if they had contemplated the preparations for shows like the one hosted in this building on the night of Monday, March 4th.

On that evening a total of 16 Drag Queens had readied themselves for the famous Gala held each year by the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival. The finalists had survived a demanding first round, with 40 participants. And the tension and the excitement were more than evident inside, next to the stage in the Santa Catalina Park. Make-up, props, dancing bodies, incredibly high platforms and great passion for these fiestas - all of this is what these drag queens displayed, as the stars for more than 20 years now of these celebrations, and the flagship for the tolerance and transgression that these carnival celebrations always uphold.

The grand finale was broadcast internationally by the Nova channel. It was also broadcast on the internet, with its Atresplayer platform, and the regional television platform, Televisión Canaria. For over two hours the Drag Queen Gala was a trending topic worldwide on Twitter (#DragQueenLPGC) and the centre of attention for television viewers and people using the social networks. The show that everyone enjoyed at Santa Catalina was absolutely first class and the competition was fierce.

Pedro Bethencourt Guerra, Drag Chuchi, carried off the winner's sceptre with a costume called Repite mi nombre (Repeat My Name). Drag Noa (the only woman competing), Drag Qurón, Drag Vulcano and Drag Múlciber were also prizewinning finalists. Eastern cultures, current political affairs, the world of superheroes and children's tales: these were some of the themes chosen by the drag queens for their provocative dance numbers. And Santa Catalina, after the customary speedy process of selling tickets (the tickets sold out very shortly after going on sale at the box office and over the internet), rose to its feet to applaud a show which boasted the great Carlinhos Brown as the master of ceremonies. Long live the Drag Queen Gala!