64 contenders for crowns in the Once upon a time carnival celebrations parade before the audience to find out their order of participation in the galas.

Tales, legends and fables will take over the city from 7 February to 1 March.

Integration and diversity are part of the spirit of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Carnival, embracing the concept of a Carnival as a fiesta which leaves nobody out.

The gala, which is followed with interest worldwide, is a symbol of the transparency and the transgression which are the identifying features of the city's Carnival.

The festivities’ Carnival Queen, Drag Queen, Junior Queen and Grand Dame have been proclaimed.

Party night and day, or enjoy the celebrations in the historic quarter: these are the main attractions for these dates on Carnival Queen and Carnival Drag Queen Days in the Gran Canaria capital.

The Vegueta and the Santa Catalina daytime fiestas are the main attraction at the weekend in the city, which will also be celebrating its Dog Carnival.

Visitors can easily obtain the festival programme, find a suitable costume, get around by public transport and mix with the locals in restaurants.